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Stragiliti OKR - Newsletter October 2021

Another edition of our Stragiliti OKR newsletter - lots of exciting features and news. Happy reading ...

New: Training videos - How to

Our goal is to make Stragiliti OKR easy to self learn and use. As a part of this goal, we have created a library of short video clips on how to's. Some examples of the videos available are

How to create a new Objective

How to attach a Key Result to an Objective

How to make a check-in for a Key Result

Navigating through Stragiliti OKR

and many more ...

These videos are available to customers who have subscribed to Stragiliti OKR and selectively for those who are evaluating it for use.

New Feature: Auto aggregation of OKR

On many occasions, the progress of achievement of Objectives can be auto aggregated from the achievement values of its Key Results. As soon as the Key Results are checked in, the the weighted average of the Key Results are automatically updated to the Objective. This helps avoiding of calculations across all the Key Results.

To use this feature one needs to check the 'Auto-determine Objective Value' should be enabled in the Objective and the Weights for each Key Result should also be specified. Weights for the Key Results should total 100, otherwise a warning would be given. Once set, values will be updated automatically.

Featured: Stragiliti OKR templates

Using the right OKR makes a lot of difference in the outcomes being achieved in various functions. A reference list of good and useful OKR's goes a long way in sharpening them and improving outcomes. We have compiled about 250 OKR's that are popularly used and these are available to our customers during implementation.

User Question : Uploading OKR's at the beginning of a quarter

There is a facility to upload OKR's for an individual for a quarter. Typically uploading is useful when one is reusing similar OKR's for a subsequent quarter, or one uses spreadsheets as a draft for discussion/ approval and when one finalizes the OKR's for a quarter, it is uploaded. The template structure for uploading is available along with the utility, and one can download the template, fill the values and upload it.

News: Stragiliti OKR - now a part of the SaaS suite meant for Technology and Professional Services Organizations

Stragiliti is in the process of rolling out a suite of products specifically for Technology and Professional Services Organizations and Stragiliti OKR is a part of this suite. Products in the suite can be subscribed to and used one by one and implemented at the pace at which the organization wishes to automate. They are pre-integrated, which means that one does not have to spend effort and costs on complex integration of product silos.


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