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RAD (Low Code) Platform - Snapshots

Automated standard user interface

In case you are looking only for a neat, clean and responsive user interface for your enterprise application, then Stragiliti gives you this automatically developed user interface. Its a proven interface used by numerous customers. It saves you oodles of effort, time and cost because the code is automatically generated. Menus, transactions screens, landing page dashboards, record pickers, views and many other parts of the application are automatically developed.

Sample Screen for Website.png

Custom UI over automatically generated application

A few sample applications, developed for a customers (with data dedacted) is shown here. The user interface layer was custom developed over the working application developed on Stragiliti. Customers have a choice to use a standard interface or use a custom interface that can be quickly developed and connected to automatically developed web services

Stragiliti - Sample UI

Automatically developed role based dashboards

One can configure roles and a landing page dashboard for a role. The dashboard has menus and an array of configurable panels to define Alert Lists, Graphs, Tables, and Configurable Favourite lists of processes that users of the role requires to see on login. A sample role based dashboard is shown here.

Stragiliti - Landing Page

Do-it-yourself (DIY) modeling

A simple user interface with English style definitions and configurations enable you to develop the core of the working application very quickly. One can model processes, sections, screen elements, views and lists via a simple tree like visual interface, which expands and contracts. One can preview the screen as and when it is modeled. 

Modeling of a sample application is shown here.

Stragiliti DIY
Stragiliti DIY Definition at Element lev

Native mobile applications

Today, no application is fully complete without native mobile applications. However,  building separate applications manually on different platforms (Web, IoS, Android) can be daunting. Getting all three accelerated with one common auto developed platform is powerful.

Sample of a mobile leave application for employees is shown here

Stragiliti - Native Mobile
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