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The Stragiliti Low Code approach to rapid custom development will give you the confidence and the reason to migrate your legacy application

Custom build innovative applications, with efforts, budgets and timeframes lower than you expect

Custom development of new and innovative applications are imperitive when the need is critical and there are no products that fulfill the need. But quotes from vendors too are expensive and above budgets. Timelines they are indicating are too long for completion and risk is high.

By using the Stragiliti low code development platform, effort to rebuild is 5 to 15 x lower, which means that budgets and timeframes are also much lower than you expect. What was earlier shelved now becomes feasible. The Stragiliti Rapid Iterative Buildout Approach (STRIBA) does not require knowledge on how the application was built. It only needs to know the processes and the rules applicable. The iterative approach ensures that the final application becomes even better than the original one. And it happens with the involvement and consent of the key users.

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The Stragiliti Low Code platform has been proven for over a decade with hundreds of applications deployed at customer locations around the world. Visit our solutions page to see testimonials of customers who have used the platform


And the icing on the cake is that you can modernize the application with better user interfaces, responsive design, multiple device usage, better architecture, lower tech debt, lower life cycle costs, cloud readiness for.


The value will surely outweigh the effort spent. So whats stopping you?

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