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Business Consultation

Personalized KPI's, Metrics and Analytical Dashboards

for Technology and Professional Services organizations

Configure over 1000+ KPI combinations

and 100+ visualizations designed for management reporting in Professional & IT Services

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Stragiliti Smart Metrics Powerful Visualizations.png
Stragiliti Smart Metrics Self Implementable.png

“We had evaluated multiple solutions and the one that was cost effective and could be customized in aggressive time frames was that of Kallos (now Stragiliti), 

CSS Corp. (Managed Services)

Vice President 

Taxes are additional

We have been using products from Kallos on the cloud for the past few years. The product is directly being used in self-service mode by our employees

Lighthouse Consulting

Regional Director

Part of the Stragiliti Suite of SaaS software products meant specifically for Professional and Technology Services Providers - applications that are modular yet pre-integrated to work together. Start in one area and expand to cover all your areas of operations

With Smart Metrics, the challenge in getting aggregated data for Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), Metrics, Ojectives & Key Results (OKR's), Budget vs. Actuals and Forecasting is eliminated.

Specifically designed for the needs of Professional Services firms like IT Services, Legal Services, Engineering and Architecture Services, Accounting Services, Management Consulting, Marketing and other Agencies

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