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Why Stragiliti

Automated development that is mature & proven

Stragiliti has been proven for over a decade. Initially it was used for smaller departmental applications and subsequently it matured to handle more complex applications. This maturity ensures quality and ruggedness - a prerequisite for your digital transformation initiatives.

Ready to handle enterprise class, complex applications

Many low code applications will handle simple applications with aplomb, but when it comes to complex features involving value chains and complex organization structures, they start falling apart. Features for automating complex value and process chains, cloud readiness, native mobile readiness, transaction integrity and audit are some examples of capabilities that are required even while automating the development process. 

Get your own classy user Interface, or use our standard one

Stragiliti auto develops a high quality and neat user interface if you use it out of the box. However for some parts of the application, end users who expect their applications to be as simple as the social media applications they use on a daily basis. For these Stragiliti exposes web-services of the application to which any UI designer/ developer can build a layer of web or native mobile front ends of very high quality with less effort. Get the best of both worlds.

Flexible Pricing for SME's and Startups

SME's and Startup require fairly complex applications, but low code platforms tend to be very expensive when you get to actual use. When you compare the pricing for your chosen number of users, time period and usage you will see the substantial value in Stragiliti - both in actual pricing as well as in flexibility.

Agile yet value for money through the life cycle of usage

When the effort is reduced by half or more, its not just for the development phase. Most applications last 7 to 10 years and involve continuous changes. The value that Stragiliti offers, is because of the lower effort to change and adapt to changes, enabling you to leverage new market opportunities and yet maintain budgets at expected limits. Over a decade the savings are substantial compared to other options.

Powerful and proven utilities

When one uses custom built applications, one realizes that the number of utilities available for things like notifications, administrations, role based dashboards, panels etc. are severely limited because they have to be developed for each customer, with variations. With Stragiliti you automatically get to use powerful utilities that work along with the modeled application.

Citizen developer friendly

Process owners, consultants, business analysts are increasing finding that they can specify applications better than programmers. They wait for long periods of time developers to give them what they want. With Stragiliti, they can craft the application to what they need - in terms of processes, business logic as well as UI and then need to get developer help only in advanced situations 

Personalized involvement and support

At Kallos we believe that success of every individual project is crucial. We involve ourselves closely with the details of your project - in the small yet critical aspects that are needed. This makes the difference between success or failure and the quantum of return that you get on your application investment. 

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