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SaaS Billing Alert: Subscription billing software is not always the answer.

When it comes to SaaS billing it often seems like a no brainer - the billing system applicable is subscription billing. Wait a minute. It is not as straight forward as that. Here are many situations where a regular subscription billing software fail badly, often leading to implementation failures coming after a lot of painful effort.

Is your Tech Service Firm ready for the hybrid billing and the subscription economy?

As the cloud becomes the dominant way of deploying software and services Technology Services Firms (TSP's) are waking up to the onslaught of the subscription economy and its impact on their internal systems. New forms of client engagement are forcing TSP's to innovate and give customers a number of options - one time services, milestone based delivery, time and expense, subscription, usage based or a combination of the above. 

Is your billing system restricting growth and leaking revenue?

As a technology service provider (TSP), you may be restricting your organizations growth by limiting the billing options you give your customers.


With the advent of the cloud, a large percentage of deliveries are becoming subscription based and sometimes even usage based. In a recent survey I posted on Linkedin, an overwhelming majority validated this fact.

Will Low Code Platforms permanently change Application Software Development Methodologies?

Software development methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, and SAFe (Scaled Agile Frameworks) are designed around the fact the coding is complex, code and skill intensive. When Low Code comes in, that assumption is no longer valid. Most development organizations are making the mistake of using the same Agile methodologies, by planning more features within each sprint because low code completes automates development. A better approach could be to use the power of low code for iterative + agile development, where customer feedback becomes an intrinsic part of the development very early in the cycle.

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