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Get a Proof of Concept (POC) deployed in a few days

or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in weeks

  • Do you or your customers have a backlog of applications to be built, or modernized?

  • Have you shelved some key applications because it was too expensive to be built?


Stragiliti Low Code Platform can change this.

Try the Stragiliti Low Code
Ten X Buildout Challenge

Development of Enterprise Applications have become far more simpler . Over 90% of the code being written is automatically generated by enterprise class low code platforms like Stragiliti.

With order of magnitude improvements in speed, quality, success rates, and lower costs across the life cycle, its riskier if you don’t use such platforms during your next application build-out. Your competitor may be using it accelerate digital transformation and your organization may be left behind. There are numerous cases of how enterprise low code is going mainstream now and stories of how even larger organizations have made it a part of their application portfolio replacement plan.

Any how 10x? We expect that 5x or more will the reduction in effort compared to conventional applications, and 2x will be the advantage gaining by reduction in skill levels needed to build the applications. And if you want even more, we can rightshore the buildout too.

Not convinced yet? Its best to experience it for one of your own applications that you want to build out. Take any application that you know will take a few months to build. We will do the core of it in a few days. What is deployed will be a production and cloud ready application.

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Our Services

The Stragiliti Low Code platform has been proven for over a decade with hundreds of applications deployed at customer locations around the world. Visit our solutions page to see testimonials of customers who have used the platform


So if you have an application to build - whether it’s a legacy modernization, a mobile application, a portal, department application or even your core business application, do schedule a buildout challenge or get in touch. 

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