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Stragiliti - Ready to use SaaS Products (Subscription)

Stragiliti Projects

 (Milestone based)

Stragiliti - Warm Products

(Milestone based Projects)

Stragiliti - App Assembly

Model & rapidly assemble enterprise class cloud applications or products, using low code technology

Stragiliti - OKR

Execute your organizations growth strategy  using the proven OKR (Objectives & Key Results) approach

Application Development/ Modernization

Outsource the development your cloud/ mobile application - rapidly, using Stragiliti (low code technology)

Stragiliti - Work Diary (Task Management)

Improve individual and team productivity via task, activity and time management with 'work from anywhere' capability

Stragiliti - Employee Portal

Core HR application with Employee Portal, Onboarding and  Employee Life Cycle Management functionality

Stragiliti - Sales Customer Relationship Management

Sales CRM covering Contact Management, Pipeline and Funnel Tracking, Sales Performance and Analysis

Stragiliti - Travel and Expense

Employee friendly travel expense reporting and payment application, reducing time and effort to report, pay and analyze travel expenses

Stragiliti - Essentials

Essential application components needed to run, operate and manage the application in production environments

Stragiliti - KServeHRMS

Workforce Management covering Leave, Attendance & Shift Management and an Employee Portal

Product (SaaS/ Enterprise) Development

Develop your product (SaaS/ Enterprise or Mobile) rapidly, using Stragiliti, for rapid prototyping, MVP or beyond.

Stragiliti - Staffing Digitized

Enable your Staffing firm to drive up the productivity and effectiveness of your recruiting team

Stragiliti - HR Analytics

Aggregate HR Analytics for employee information and compensation across many subsidiaries or units

Stragiliti - Employee Surveys

Employee Pulse Surveys across locations, languages, and dimensions to determine the pulse of your organization

Stragiliti - Sales Order Booking

Order booking system after defining, products, taxes, discounts and tracking them by customer, product category and sales