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What is Low Code (LCAP) ?

Low Code Application Platforms (LCAP) enable very rapid development of software, takes lower effort, costs less and eliminates a lot of the risks involved in software development. Low Code Platforms have been in existence for over a decade, but have been given prominence only now because of the thrust in digital transformation by companies recently. Low Code platforms are now mature and can handle complex, mission critical enterprise applications now, instead of being limited to only small departmental applications earlier.

What is the technology behind it?

The technology behind such platforms essentially involves model driven software code generation. A meta model of the application is first modeled in spreadsheet, graphical or English like meta data. These meta models are then generated to form code in the respective layers of the development stack - front end, service layer, controller/ services, database interaction and actual database itself.
The quantum of automation depends a lot on the architecture and maturity of the platform. Most low code platforms can automate only simple departmental applications, and very few platforms can automate over 80% of complex applications. Stragiliti is among the few that can automate over 80% for even complex applications.

Low Code plus Agile - A powerful combination

Low Code technology allows better levels of flexibility in development than agile approaches. This is because one can iterate on software versions multiple times quickly to ensure accuracy to business needs very early in the development cycle - something that cannot be done in conventional approaches. User feedback is best when they visually see the application and low code development methodologies take advantage of this. In addition change is also far easier.
Low code when combined with an agile approach delivers powerful results in delivery providing, speed, flexibility and business accuracy. Stragiliti leverages this combination to show results in speed, effort, quality and positive business impact. 

Does Low Code eliminate coding fully?

The short answer is no, but the goal of low code technologies is to eliminate coding. As of today, a small percentage still has to be coded. Unique user interfaces and complex logic are usually the only places where manual coding needs to be written in good platforms. 
Stragiliti is among the few platforms that automates all the layers of the development stack, and is among the few that provides a well managed environment to manage the few places where manual code or libraries of pre-written code is to be attached.
We expect that over a period of time the goal of eliminating coding for a specific project is not far off.

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