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About Us

Our mission is to continuously simplify and automate enterprise class software development & delivery, so that organizations can can accelerate automation of business processes, resulting in business value

We have been true that mission for the past 20 years. All our engagements are delivered with passion and excellence

5x to 15x reduction in effort for application buildouts are the norm for us, leading to order of magnitude improvements in speed, quality, excellence and business value in custom projects as well as in our products.

Stragiliti has been used to deliver complex enterprise class applications over the past decade to users in over 50 countries around the world in over 30 application areas. For more details on solutions delivered click here.

Stragiliti is among the very few enterprise class low code rapid application development platforms that auto develop complex enterprise applications.

It is the result of over a decade of cumulative and proven innovation to accelerate and simplify enterprise software development using low code (automated software development) technology. For more details on the platform click here.

Stragiliti Quote to Cash  is a suite of SaaS products catering specifically to the needs of organizations delivering solutions and services. The suite includes modular products like Configure Price, Quote (CPQ), Contracts and Billing, OKR and Smart Metrics.

These applications leverage the power of the Stragiliti Low Code platform, for speed, performance, agility, and quality during usage. For more details on these applications for Technology Services, click here.

The Team

The Stragiliti leadership consists of a strong technology and solution delivery team, that focusses on continuously improving the solutions delivered to customers using the Stragiliti platform. The  leaders have over 100 person years of relevant software industry experience between themselves, the areas of technology development, solution delivery, application development, technology infrastructure and people management / administration


Founder: George Vettath


George has over 33 years of experience in the IT industry having worked as an entrepreneur as well as in senior management positions in multinational software product and service companies. He has worked in US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and India. George is an Electrical Engineer and has an MBA from the University of Sydney Australia and is currently based in Vancouver BC Canada. He travels very frequently, to Singapore and India.



Jay Bala


SVP, Automation Anywhere

San Jose, CA, USA


Abraham Thomas


Investor, Ex Founder of Quandl

Toronto, ON, Canada

Our Services
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