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With the Stragiliti Low Code Platform and Approach  you can execute rapidly, even without a tech. team in place

Don’t have a tech team to build that POC (proof of concept)
or MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?

Sourcing good talent especially for software development is very difficult. Quotes from vendors are too expensive and above budgets. Timelines they are indicating are too long for your liking.

By using  the Stragiliti low code development platform, effort to build is 5 to 15 x lower, which means that budgets and timeframes are also much lower than you expect. You can also do it without a technology team in place, either by doing the modeling yourself, or leveraging our services for doing it. 90% of the effort does not require programming knowledge.  


The Stragiliti Rapid Iterative Buildout Approach (STRIBA) only requires you to know your the domain and the solution well. You can focus on specifiying it, getting feedback from customers, getting investments from stakeholders, and all the things neccessary to make the business aspects succesful and leave the tech to the Stragiliti platform and if required our tech. services.

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The Stragiliti Low Code platform has been proven for over a decade with hundreds of applications deployed at customer locations around the world. Visit our solutions page to see testimonials of customers who have used the platform


Your application will be modern with very good user interfaces, responsive design, multiple device usage, better architecture, maintained easily, cost lower over the life cycle and cloud ready.


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