Transform your organization into 'high performance' mode using

Stragiliti OKR software

Powerful, enjoyable and true to OKR practices

Define OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) at various levels across organization with intuitiveness and ease 

Scalable for use in small, mid sized or large organizations due to the availability of multiple levels of operation

Powerful functionality to derive value from OKR (including reporting, checkin, reminders, meetings, initiatives)

High quality documentation and videos to enable quick adoption, self learning and usage 

Enjoyable user interface which enables quick adoption and self learning, to bring real  business results.

Quick configuration, loading and setup utilities enabling you gain value from the application quickly

Continuous improvement with automatic updates of features, utilities and security 

Built on the proven Stragiliti platform which has been proven over the past decade by users in 15 countries

1 $ (US)
per user per month
100 $ (US)
 per month
  • Sessions of training  delivered remotely
  • Detailed documentation on product and usage
  • Free access to the OKR/ KPI Library Online
Optional: OKR Coaching and Consulting
  • Helping your teams detail OKRs and use the software for continuous improvement
  • Leveraging OKR's to transform into a high performance organization

Intuitive, self learnable & comprehensive

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