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Stragiliti OKR - Features

Define Objectives and Key Results

Objectives and Key Results in OKR have certain norms during definition. For example, each Objective typically has many Key results, and each Key Result is measurable accurately with proper definitions. Stragiliti OKR follows these best practices.

Handles small and large organizations

OKR can be used by startups, departments, small and large organizations. To be used for all these situations Stragiliti OKR provides a flexible, easy to use configurable organization model (using concepts like teams and operating units) that allows small and large organizations to use OKR in a collaborative manner

The OKR review cycle

OKR's are reviewed many times through the period of execution. Check-ins or progress updates can be many, during which the team and supervisors can collaborate to discuss solutions to achieve the set OKR's.

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Graphical and intuitive representation of OKR's

All OKR's are represented in a consistent, and intuitive graphical manner, so that one can understand it's context and it's progress in one glance. Allows teams and supervisors to instantly understand the status of progress irrespective of the method in which the values are measured.

Motivated ownership of OKR's
OKR's need to be owned and reported by people, otherwise they would not be checked-in, reviewed or focussed on. Stragiliti OKR makes it easy for users to manage their OKR's and share it with those whom they are working with. The responsibility for execution also becomes clear.

Flexibility in configuring access

Some organizations like to use OKR in a transparent and freely shareable manner, while others like OKR's to be restricted to teams and levels. Stragiliti OKR can be configured accordingly.

Align / Share OKR's

OKR's may be aligned, shared or independent. One can specify the alignment and work towards those objectives with this alignment in mind.

Quarterly views for intuitiveness

Most organizations using OKR's follow quarters as the OKR setting cycle and hence Stragiliti has made the quarter as the primary means of visual navigation, making the software easy to use and intuitive. If required, one can set OKR's for other periods too.


Meetings & Reminders

Set up meetings for OKR's and provide access to teams to participate. Assign reminders so that you don't forget to miss a meeting, a check in or anything else important to OKR.



Initiatives are spawned off OKR's with an intention to help in successful execution. Initiatives (typically projects or task sets) can be captured for the group to work on.


Reviews and Feedback

Check-ins (Progress updates) and Reviews have structured questions for feedback, so that teams or individuals can reflect on how to achieve the OKR's planned in a collaborative manner



Successfully executed OKR's can be given awards which are recorded for posterity.


Reports and Analytics


Several reports by various combinations (periods, levels, teams etc.) are provided, and where required can be extracted in spreadsheets.


OKR and KPI Templates

Leverage our library of OKR templates and KPI metrics for accelerated implementation and faster time to value. If you wish to get sample OKR templates for free, click here

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