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Stragiliti OKR - FAQ

What is OKR?

OKR is a collaborative goal-setting tool used by teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results. OKR's are used to track progress, create alignment and encourage engagement around measurable goals. OKR's are set across the organization and are aligned and reviewed at periodic intervals.

OKR is expanded as Objectives and Key Results. Objectives describe a specific goal you want to achieve and Key Results are the ways in which that Objective is measured.

Why is OKR popular?

OKR has been successfully used to propel many high growth companies across different sizes – tiny, small, medium and large. Thousands of companies including ones like Google, Intel, Netflix and LinkedIn have used it effectively to achieve very ambitious goals.

As a concept it is simple to understand, yet has the power to empower, motivate and align employees to achieve any organizations ambitious plans.

What kind of organizations need OKR?

Organizations that have ambitious goals and also intend to operate in a transparent manner are the ones that will gain most from OKR. It transforms organizations from task orientation to outcome orientation – something that is critical in a post COVID workplace environment, where employees will be allowed to work in hybrid modes in dynamic settings from almost anywhere.

What does one need to do to implement OKR?

Success in OKR implementation that leads to positive results require management commitment, a supportive enabling coaching environment, as well as a software to implement it for ongoing usage and adoption.

Why is OKR software critical to implement OKR?

Once the core leadership team adopts OKR and decides to roll out to various teams, the volume of OKR’s to specify, collaborate, update and review become high. Use of spreadsheets and other mechanisms become difficult. A  good software will make it easy to roll it out for operational use, as well as for adoption on a recurring basis across the organization.

What should one look for in a good OKR software?

The software should be enjoyable to use, cover all the OKR processes of Objective and Key Result setting, provide ability to checkin progress periodically and facilitate collaborative meetings for planning, updates, reviews and rewards. It should be usable by individuals, teams and as well as across the organization. Stragiliti OKR covers all the above and is always focusses on being enjoyable, powerful, and true to OKR best practices.

Some reference links to learn more about OKR?

A video on why goal setting in the right manner is vital – presented by John Doerr, the chief proponent of OKR’s in companies like Intel and Google is available here

John Doerr TED talk video on OKR

For more information on meanings and definitions visit

By searching on ‘OKR’ and ‘OKR Software’ in popular search engines, one can obtain numerous explainer videos and articles on OKR

Anything else?

If you are looking for more specific information, a free consult, or a free trial for the use of an OKR Software do get in touch with us at the link below


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