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Stragiliti - Creator

Rapidly create your own enterprise class custom application or cloud software product, using low code auto development technology

Assemble between 70 to 90% of complex enterprise application you wish to create without coding (using low code technology). Allows you to model the application in a 'Do-it-yourself' user friendly mode. Iterative development allows end user and stakeholder concurrence very early ensuring project success. Expect at 3x to 10x reduction in effort during the development stage and go to market faster.

Model and your application, its business processes and its user interfaces without coding

Continuous improvement with automatic updates of features, utilities and security 

Auto-develop the backbone of the application across all layers - on the UI and Server side

Iterate or change the application quickly making it suitable for rapid prototyping and iterative development

Model Projects,  Processes, Views, User Interface Sections and Elements with a do it yourself interface

Same code can be used to deploy on native android and IOS mobile devices with responsive design

Attach code in areas where specialized user interfaces, or complex business logic needs to be specified

Powerful utilities available during production usage as detailed in Stragiliti Essentials

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