Stragiliti  Essentials

Run applications or App Store products developed using Stragiliti - App Assembly. 

Run applications or App Store products developed using Stragiliti - App Assembly and leverage powerful utilities to manage, adapt and use the application in scalable and adaptable cloud environments over the life cycle of usage

Run the application in a scalable cloud environment spanning enterprise class situations and usage

Regular upgrades to cater to important changes introduced by browsers, native mobile app providers 

Model utilities like alerts, roles, menus, views, validations, permissions and logic rules 

Consistent architecture for security, user interfaces, navigation and other aspects of the application

Attach code at the different layers of the application to handle changing and unique situations

Continuous addition of new  utilities, and updates to hand security security threats 

Deployable on cloud, hybrid or inpremise environments with responsive user interfaces

Proven - Used as the production platform for all Stragiliti applications and products for over a decade

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