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Pre-loaded metrics for technology service providers

Modular, yet integrated to the TPS Appsuite applications to extract data online

Can extract data from multiple sources

Personalized KPI's, Metrics and Analytical Dashboards

for Technology and Professional Services organizations

Software that was built from 18 years of experience in running a global technology and professional services organization -  incporates best practices, intimate process knowledge, flexibility and controls required to enable you to operate a real time, online global system

Experience from cloud applications and SaaS products built for hundreds customers with different engagement models, in different countries - have been used in ensuring that this application is designed for scalable, secure global utilization

Part of the Stragiliti Suite of SaaS software products meant specifically for Technology Services Providers - applications that are modular yet pre-integrated to work together. Start in one area and expand to cover all your areas of operations


per user per month (*)

* Min. 10 users

* US Dollars

(Payable quarterly; 20% discount for Annual subscriptions)

Our Services

Configurable KPI

Measure that matter as applicable for your context


Aggregate KPI's automatically based on period or currency


Extract source data via API's uploads, entered directly

Organization Model

Metrics aggregate automatically to your organization 

User specific

Map KPI's and metrics to users  based on responsbilities

Rapid Setup

Templates and tools for rapid adoption and use


Personalized dashboards for users based on mappings

Training & Support

High quality services and utilities for training and support

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