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Stragiliti OKR Newsletter - April 2021

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Welcome to the Stragiliti OKR News letter. It is being sent to all those who have been a part of our exciting OKR journey so far.

1. OKR Resource Guide - curated articles from the internet

We searched the web for some good articles, videos and training programs on OKR which are well curated and then compiled them into an article. Hope it helps you in adopting and deriving value from OKR.

You can access the Resource Guide here

2. An article on why OKR is gaining traction

An insightful article from the Stragiliti OKR team on '10 reasons why OKR is gaining traction as the preferred goal execution framework'

3. New Feature Highlight - Sharing OKR's

Sometimes OKR's are shared to specific people who are not a part of a team or division/ department for which the OKR has been set. In this case, one can add users who can additionally view these OKR's using the sharing option. The need for sharing typically occurs when a person or a team is responsible for an OKR, but a few people outside the team also need to track progress of these OKR's, because they are also contributing to it.

The sharing option provided at the bottom the Objective screen, and the reporting user (person who owns the OKR) can add or remove shared users.

4. User Question of the Month

How does one record the weekly meetings and progress on OKR on the software?

There are four places in Stragiliti OKR where one can record observations on progress for any OKR (Objective or Key Result). We recommend mandatory filling of this information along with each check-in. When you do this often and well enough, you can reduce the number of review meetings and substitute some of them with check-ins without meetings, thus saving time for everyone.

  • Check in: Along with each check in, there are many fields to capture progress. Encourage reporting users of OKR's to fill those values – not just the numbers. These are remarks on progress, confidence levels, risks or impediments, initiatives etc. The suggested inputs provided are well thought out best practices recommended by OKR best practitioners.

  • Meeting: Along with each meeting for OKR one can write the meeting details. We recommend use of check-ins to update progress. You can save an attachment for a meeting. You could attach the minutes of the meeting in a separate document here after the meeting is over.

  • Initiative: If the result of a meeting or a check-in says one has to start an initiative to achieve the objective, one can create the initiative and if required attach a document to provide details of the initiative (e.g. Newsletter initiative that is decided after a meeting to improve engagement of customers)

  • Final Review: When the quarter is over or when the specific OKR is completed, there is another set of information which can be captured at the OKR level itself like Self Review, Awards or Badges etc.

All of these work to focus on achievement of OKR’s in a supportive/ yet focused manner.

5. Useful tips

The OKR View

If you want to get a detailed graphical view of OKR's that your role has permissions to access, this utility can be used. It can be accessed from the Reports Menu. On launching the utility, you can access all the relevant OKR's, filter the combinations that you require (e.g. OKR's for a specific quarter, for a particular user) and view the results.

Quick Insert of Objectives and Key Results from OKR Views

In case you wish to quickly add new Objectives or Key Results while viewing Objectives or Key Results (either in the graphical panel or in the OKR view) link buttons have been provided for creating the OKR's from here itself. Relevant information related to the context on which you are creating the OKR is defaulted to the screen, making the task of creating new OKR's far more easier.

Looking forward to hearing from you on anything - suggestions to add new features, brickbats, bouquets or whatever comes to your mind. We believe that listening to our customers and partners is always the best way forward.

Newsletter prepared by - Stragiliti OKR Team

This Newsletter has been released by Kallos Solutions (Singapore, India, North America) specifically for the Stragiliti OKR product. Please send your mails to In case you wish to unsubscribe from this mail, do reply to this mail indicating that you would like to unsubscribe.


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