Contracts & Billing - Features

Contracts & Billing

Customers Details


Service Deliverables

Execution Tracking and Billing for

Recurring Subscriptions

Project Milestones

One time Services

Usage Services


Context based pricing

Revenue analytics, Revenue recognition


Payment Methods

Payment Record

Set up dunning

Dunning reminders

Payment analytics

Payment gateway integration API

Common Core for all Products

Organization Modeling

Legal Entities, Regions, Locations, Delivery Units

Period Definitions (Year/ Quarter/ Month)

Role based dashboards

Alerts/ Notifications

User Administration

Approval based workflow

Filter based views

Data exports to spreadsheets

Security (role based, SSL, dynamic tokens)

Responsive Design

Customer Portal

Self Registration

View own Contracts, Deliverables and Execution

View own Invoices & Payments

Renewal reminders

View Services and details

Place orders for new Services

View usage

Usage services


Define provisioning API's

Define usage API's

Define utilization resources and groups

Provisioning work orders

Approval workflow

Payment notifications

Profile modifications

Define vendors

Provisioning work orders

Execution Analytics

Margin Analytics

Approval workflow