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Should Low Code Platforms be used for your next Enterprise Application buildout?

Low Code as a platform for development of enterprise applications are getting popular because of order of magnitude improvements in speed, quality, reduced effort, risk and skill sets needed in software development. If you are planning to build a fresh buildout, you should evaluate low code platforms (LCAP) but keep in mind that it should be used only in some situations, and definitely avoided for others..

If what you are building is a standard functional domain where there e.g. payroll, sales CRM or accounting then go for an off the shelf product or SaaS product - avoid low code. Products have the advantage of best business practices, shared pricing, and rugged quality and an ecosystem of users.

If its a massively high volume application like another Facebook or or a Core Banking application catering to millions of users and yet needs sub second response time - Low Code is not the route. You need to hand craft the application for performance and scale.

If its a simple application involving one process and possibly an approval workflow e.g. expense Approval, registering for an event then you could go in for a low code workflow tool, like Airtable, MS Power apps, Google Appsheet etc.).

If however you are building a unique departmental application or a complex application for an SME e.g. recruitment cycle, loan Origination application etc. then you need an enterprise class Low Code platform.

If you have money to spend, then choose among truly Enterprise Low Code platforms like Mendix, Outsystems or Appian, but if you are on a budget (typically SME's) and require some flexible terms for your buildout, then try the proven dark horse in enterprise low code - Stragiliti

Would also love comments and inputs on this topic for all to share and learn together, given that low code will become a key driver of enterprise applications in this decade.

This article is a part of a series of tips on Low Code. Having pioneered and used Low Code Development for hundreds projects over the past two decades, the intent of this series is to ensure that you become wiser before your application buildout. In case you wish to get automatic access to the rest of the articles, do visit

In case you wish to get more information about Stragiliti Low Code platform or want a no cost personal consulting session for your next application buildout, or experience our speed challenge, do get in touch here.


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