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For Technology Service Providers (TSP's) like Managed Service Providers (MSP's), Independant Service Vendors (ISV's), Value Added Resellers (VAR's), System Integrators (SI's), Cloud Service Providers (CSP's), Internal IT and Shadow IT

Stragiliti SaaS Suite for 
Technology & Services Providers (TSP's)

  • Deliver smart: more with less effort

  • Delight your customers

  • Increase the velocity of delivery

  • Increase utilization of scarce resources

  • Leverage the current overload in digital transformation projects

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Stragiliti TSP SaaS Suite - Why.png

What's Special

Each of the products from the suite can be subscribed individually 

Increase Resource Utilization, Optimizing Talent for delivery

Products in the suite are pre-integrated. Avoid complicated API's

Real time data drive decision,  Seamless translation of Strategy to Execution

Self learnable and self implementable with support from us

Enjoyable user experience, scalable, proven, and adaptable

Powerful and specific features relevant to Technology Service Providers 

Assembled on the Stragiliti low platform - proven over the past decade