As a Startup Founder a low code platform like Stragiliti will make a huge difference

As a startup, there are numerous variables to getting your business successfully off the ground and the last thing you want is to get bogged down by a complex tech build out with a skilled and highly paid team. You want to rapidly build that prototype or MVP that gets your product in front of customers, stakeholders or potential investors and you want to do that as quickly and with as little effort and time as possible. With low code platforms like Stragiliti, over 80% of the code is automatically developed, making a huge difference in the way you go to market.

Automate Software Development with Stragiliti

3x - 5x lower effort

2x to 3x faster

'Easy to iterate' prototyping ensures success

Flexible and easy to change

Get 'surprised' at costs

Repeat these gains through the life cycle

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Over 150 solutions delivered

Users in over 50 countries

Over 30 different application types

Cloud Ready and Responsive

Scalable and Secure

Proven & mature for over a decade