Stragiliti -  Creator

Do it yourself tools to model Stragiliti applications for auto development

200 $/ month for 5 user version (*)

Stragiliti - Essentials

Essential utilities to run any application assembled on Stragiliti, or for any Stragiliti SaaS product

100 $ + 1 / user / month (*)

Stragiliti - Power Utilities & Workflow

Advanced utilities for flexibility and adaptation during the life time of usage

 200 $ / month (*) for 5 user version

(*) Prices mentioned are in US Dollars
(*) Contact us for any unique situations/ enterprise cases
(*) Professional Services additional based on geography/ skill/ seniority - contact us for a quote

Subscription to Stragiliti Cloud - What you get

  • Use of the Low Code platform to accelerate development with nil/ minimal coding experience

  • Use of the run time utilities that come along with the platform during production

  • Continuous upgrades as new features come in

  • Improvements in security and version updates from infrastructure providers

  • Hosting during development on the Stragiliti hosted environment as a subdomain

  • High quality support

  • Access to professional services to 'do it yourself' or 'we do it for you' mode

  • Access to a network of partners around the world to leverage local presence, knowledge and competitive prices in professional services

Professional Services
Access world class professional services for all stages of the consulting, development and implementation stages is available. You can choose to 'Do it Yourself' or 'Source it out' or choose a combination of both. We recommend that for the first project, we do do it for you and from subsequent projects,  your own team can take over. The Kallos team and our partner network will work with you to achieve success in your digital transformation journey. Typical professional service engagements are
  • Solution Architecting
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development
  • Roll Out and Scaling up
  • Full Project or Product Development
  • Life Cycle Support and continuous enhancements
Stragiliti Professional Services ensures that the promises related to speed, far lower effort and quality become a reality.
Applications Delivered
  • Service CRM

  • Real Estate Fund Mgmt.

  • Online Retail & Delivery

  • HR Employee Portal

  • Research Portal

  • HR Compensation Analytics

  • Insurance Booking

  • Recruitment & Travel

  • Employee Engagement Portal

  • Personal Health Application

  • Workforce Management

  • Health Care Network

  • HRIS and Payroll

  • Production Workflow

  • SME Aggregation Portal

  • Salon Chain Front Office

  • Contract Staff Management

  • Contractor Wage Mgmt.

  • Content Management of Manufacturing Parts

  • and many more ..

Industries Served
  • IT Services

  • Real Estate

  • Insurance

  • Retail

  • Financial Services

  • Telecom

  • Education & Research

  • Chemicals

  • Jewelery

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Staffing

  • Aviation

  • ePublishing

  • Service Retail

  • IT Services

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Non Profit

  • and many more ..