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Will Low Code Platforms permanently change Application Software Development Methodologies?

Software development methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, and SAFe (Scaled Agile Frameworks) are designed around the fact the coding is complex, code and skill intensive. When Low Code comes in, that assumption is no longer valid. Most development organizations are making the mistake of using the same Agile methodologies, by planning more features within each sprint because low code completes automates development. A better approach could be to use the power of low code for iterative + agile development, where customer feedback becomes an intrinsic part of the development very early in the cycle.

The biggest difference in the iterative + agile approach is the near elimination of overall project risk if done correctly. Feedback obtained early from users on software they are going to actually use ensures quality feedback very early. Incremental corrections, major corrections and even stoppage can be done early without much impact with low code. Consultants can model and show the system with data very early in the cycle and get genuinely correctable feedback. In conventional approaches risk levels of failure are high because true usage feedback comes only at the end, which by then is too late.

We at Stragiliti have been improving our delivery methodologies for low code over the past decade, incorporating a combination of Agile and Iterative to deliver order of magnitude improvements in software development throughput. In case you wish to get more information about #Stragiliti Low Code platform or want a no cost personal consulting session for your next application buildout, or experience our speed challenge, do visit

Would also love comments and inputs on this topic for all to debate and share our learnings. This article is a part of a series of tips on #lowcodedevelopment . Having pioneered and used Low Code technologies for hundreds projects over the past two decades, the intent of this series is to ensure that you become wiser before your application buildout. In case you wish to get automatic access to the rest of the articles, do subscribe to Stragiliti


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