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Will Low Code change the application development landscape forever?

The big question is - Is Low Code another passing technology, or will it change the way applications are developed forever? The value that low code provides is unquestionable. Order of magnitude (10x equivalent) improvements in speed, reduced effort, quality, lower risk and need for less skilled developers are all much needed in this world of digital transformation and hyper automation. The only question is whether it will meet the demanding needs of the software industry in in its entirety.

Every decade or so an avatar of code automation would appear - Case Tools and Reusable components in the 90's, Model Based Development in 2000's, iPaaS after that and now low code/no code. One can see progress in the percentage of automation and the complexity of applications being executed by low code technologies. The progression from 20% automation to 90% automation was hard work. Problems like version management, scalability, performance, responsiveness, and security were all solved along the way by determined platform vendors over the past few decades.

We believe that the permanent tipping point has arrived. Low code platforms developers would never go back to conventional development seeing how much wasted time and complications occur in older ways. Its only a matter of time and a matter of adoption.

The implications are phenomenal. Legacy applications built since the 90s can be replaced easily. New custom projects and products can be kickstarted with lower budgets and smaller teams. It may take decade for the transformation to be complete but the quantum of automation in enterprises will really shoot up. Low code platform vendors will be continuously pushing the envelope given the massive amount of funding given and the positive response from customers. No Code (100% automation of development) will become a reality. Innovation and pace of digital transformation and hyper automation will pick up. The hype will become reality and low code will be seen as a hero in the journey. We shall explore this further in subsequent posts.

Would also love comments and inputs on this topic for all to debate and share their experience.

This article is a part of a series of tips on #lowcodedevelopment . Having pioneered and used Low Code technologies for hundreds projects over the past two decades, the intent of this series is to ensure that you become wiser before your application buildout. In case you wish to get automatic access to the rest of the articles, do subscribe to Stragiliti

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