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Stragiliti OKR Newsletter - August 2021

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Welcome to the next edition of the Stragiliti OKR News letter. It is being sent to all those who have been a part of our exciting OKR journey so far.

1. Stragiliti OKR Webinar

We conducted an Webinar in June and the recording is given here - in case you missed it. Click on the image below to open the video.

2. An article on why linking your OKRs to KPI's will pay rich dividends.

An insightful article from the Stragiliti OKR team taken from our blog pages. Click on link below to view the article.

3. New Feature Highlight - Color Coding Achievement Percentages

The OKR graphics provided in Stragiliti OKR gives you insights on achievement at one glance. One will be tracking numerous OKR's and instant recognition of achievement helps. We have further improved this capability by linking achievement percentages to color codes based on achievement ranges. For example ranges and color can be as per the table below

Range Meaning Color

0 to 40 High Risk Red

40 to 70 Normal Yellow

Above 70 Positive Green

Different organizations have different cultures. Some like to be conservative in ranges like the one above and some like to give a green color only when the percentages are set at say 90. The exact figure does not matter - what matters is that one organization follows one standard and everyone understands what green, yellow or red means at one glance.

4. User Question of the Month

How does one change the color ranges?

One has to login as Admin User for your organizations to access the OKR parameter Settings. One can see the screen in the left menu in the Core Organization Menu Group. On opening the screen once can see the various parameters and set the ranges accordingly. While setting one has to only set the transition values e.g. to set the values in the table above one has to just specify e.g High Risk - Max Value as say 40 and and Normal - Max Value as 70.

The default values are set at 40 and 70 and you can change this.

Looking forward to hearing from you on anything - suggestions to add new features, brickbats, bouquets or whatever comes to your mind. We believe that listening to our customers and partners is always the best way forward.

Newsletter prepared by - Stragiliti OKR Team

This Newsletter has been released by Kallos Solutions (Singapore, India, North America) specifically for the Stragiliti OKR product. Please send your mails to In case you wish to unsubscribe from this mail, do reply to this mail indicating that you would like to unsubscribe.

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