As an IT leader here is why low code platforms like Stragiliti will transform your application portfolio

As an IT leader you have seen numerous products and bespoke solutions being implemented in your organization. You know its pros and cons and you know how to evaluate what will succeed. While evaluating a product or a SaaS subscription you would be keenly looking at how well the product fits the need and the reputation of the product provider in the market. For bespoke solutions, you would be looking at maturity in development and delivery processes with strong technology teams. Until now you only had two options, but in the next decade the low code option of assembled applications using low code are the way to go. 

Automate Software Development with Stragiliti

3x - 5x lower effort

2x to 3x faster

'Easy to iterate' prototyping ensures success

Flexible and easy to change

Get 'surprised' at costs

Repeat these gains through the life cycle

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Over 150 solutions delivered

Users in over 50 countries

Over 30 different application types

Cloud Ready and Responsive

Scalable and Secure

Proven & mature for over a decade