As a Citizen Developer here is why you need low code platforms like Stragiliti

You have specified a large number of applications in detail either as a business analyst, a product owner, a process owner, or a project manager. However, you have been frustrated by the complexity, time, effort and quality that comes out of any development effort. You know that it goes worse as it gets complex and you dont blame the developers, since they are dealing with tons of code.


The low code option is going to be the next big thing for you, because you can no specify the application and automatically develop 80 to 95% of the application without knowing programming. You suddenly are in control of the project, and you know that with your domain knowledge you can get that project rolling. 


Automate Software Development with Stragiliti

3x - 5x lower effort

2x to 3x faster

'Easy to iterate' prototyping ensures success

Flexible and easy to change

Get 'surprised' at costs

Repeat these gains through the life cycle

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Over 150 solutions delivered

Users in over 50 countries

Over 30 different application types

Cloud Ready and Responsive

Scalable and Secure

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